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Bathroom Basins

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Bathroom basins

Basin design has often been ignored and has merely been expected to be functional. In recent years bathrooms have been revolutionised by designers and technologists that have appreciated the aesthetic value of well designed as well as functional bathrooms. No changes have been more noticeable and popular than in bathroom basins that for many years have come in very few designs.
Manufacturers on this site have a long pedigree in the industry and their products proved through hard use. Take a look through the online store where you will be able to view our complete range.

Modern day bathrooms are rooms in which we are spending more and more time and as a result we need fixtures and fittings that make our experience more comfortable and rewarding.
Our range has been primarily selected on their popularity as well as their quality - but they have also been chosen for their functionality and design flair. All the basins in this section will not only serve their purpose but will provide a centre-piece to the general aesthetic of bathrooms. Traditionally styled ceramic, vanity bowl's in stainless steel or glass, inset, countertop or undermounted we can supply to suit any style and budget of bathrooms.
Bathroom basins are often referred to as sinks. This is incorrect. Sinks are fitted in kitchens and basins are fitted in cloakrooms, bathrooms and en-suites.
The term basin came from the use of a jug and basin in the days when these were used to wash yourself in the bedroom. There are six main type of basin available in the UK. These are basin with full pedestal, basin and semi-pedestal, cloakroom, semi-recessed, counter top and under-slung.
Basin and full pedestal
These sit on a full size pedestal and is the most common type in the UK. Normally the waste pipe and hot and cold water pipes run through the pedestal and into the floor.
Basin and semi-pedestal
These sit on a half height pedestal which does not reach the floor. They are very common in Europe and becoming increasingly popular in the UK.
Cloakroom basin
These are usually fitted without a pedestal, as they are normally very smal. There are some available with pedestals but you are best to check first. The wall hung ones are normally fitted with a decorative bottle trap.
This type of basin has a bow in the front but the underside has been cut away to produce a flat area. This is because this type is usually fitted into a worktop.
Counter top
This type of basin is either round or oval and fits into a hole cut into a worktop.
Under slung
The type of basin is fitted under the hole in the worktop. This means that the worktop has to be a solid surface material, such a marble or stone.

Bathroom basins come with one, two or three tap holes.
One tap hole
This type uses a mono bloc basin mixer, which normally incorporates a pop-up waste. The water is controlled either by a lever on the tap or a separate hot and cold handle on either side of the spout.
Two tap hole
The most common type of bathroom tap configuration has a separate hot and cold tap with a plug and chain waste. The hot tap is normally fitted on the left hand side of the basin.
Three tap hole
There are two types of bathroom tap arrangement that can be fitted to this type of tap-hole arrangement. Either a three-hole mixer which is a hot and cold valve head and a separate spout, usually fitted with a pop up waste. Or you could fit a pair of basin taps and what is known as a chain stay waste. A chain stay waste uses a plug and chain but the chain is held in place by a disc, which is fitted into the middle of the three basin holes

Glass bathroom basins

As the name suggests these bathroom basins are made of glass just as the top surface of pottery is a glass finish. With these the whole item is glass. As with pottery the quality of the finished item depends on several factors.
Glass Thickness
To achieve a similar impact resistance to pottery an ideal thickness of the glass is 15m or above. However, you can purchase a thickness of 5m and upwards. Glass is partly priced on the thickness, i.e. the thicker the glass the higher the price. Thinner glass will allow for a more detailed shape to the basin and can result in a deeper bowl.
Tempered Glass
All glass should be tempered. This is when the glass is treated by a special process. This process changes the properties of the glass, the result of which is that when it is broken is shatters into tiny pieces and not large shards.
Thermal Shock Proofed
This is where a basin has already been tempered and then is further treated. This extra treatment results in the glass being proofed against sudden changes in temperatures. Such changes occur when you suddenly turn off a cold tap and the turn on a hot tap. The resultant expansion of the material can cause it to crack or shatter if it has not been proofed. An example of a thermal shock proofed item you may be familiar with is a Pyrex cooking dish.
A couple of further points to note on glass basins are as follows:
If the basin does not come with an overflow as standard you should ensure that a run through waste is provided. This is a waste fitting that does not close fully or not at all. This will help prevent the bathroom basin from overflowing should the tap be left on.
If the basin is made of clear glass a decorative waste fitting, bottle trap and pipe work to the taps are necessary. This is because they will be on show after the unit is fitted. To offset this some manufacturers supply them in both clear and frosted finishes.

Bathroom basin design
Certain elements of the bathroom setup are absolutely essential. These items are usually things that cannot be replaced easily and so the decision you make in the first instance has to be a good one. When you choose the components of your bathroom suite, for instance, you are not afforded the same kind of forgivingness and flexibility that you are with bathroom accessories like fittings and bathroom furniture.
One of the elements of the bathroom that you have to get right first time is the basin. Ideally, this has to be in keeping with the rest of your bathroom suite, i.e. whatever you have chosen from the bathroom showers, baths and toilets on the market.
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