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Bathroom Taps

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Tall Basin Taps

Tall Basin Taps

Tall Basin Taps for mounting on worktops next to a freestanding basin
Highlife Bathroom Taps

Highlife Bathroom Taps

Great new bathroom taps range with stylish designs built to very high quality. LOW introductory prices.
Grohe Bathroom Taps

Grohe Bathroom Taps

Grohe taps opitimise the style and functionality of modern bathroom brassware. They provide the perfect match between form and function. There is a full range of matching showers available
Choose Grohe Showers.
Mayfair Bathroom Taps

Mayfair Bathroom Taps

Mayfair bathroom taps are a full range of products from high-end contemporary looks to more classic options. These bathroom taps are focussed on design, service, quality and cost. They are our highly recommended taps.
Perrin Rowe Taps

Perrin Rowe Taps

Perrin & Rowe have always created bold, original and beautiful bathroom taps and showers. Perrin & Rowe bathroom taps and showers deliver a flawless performance all the time.
Roper Rhodes Bathroom Taps

Roper Rhodes Bathroom Taps

Roper Rhodes bathroom taps lead the way with technological innovation and engineering advance. All Roper Rhodes taps are suitable for low pressure supplies. 10 year guarantee.
Phoenix Bathroom Taps

Phoenix Bathroom Taps

Phoenix are a luxury bathroom brand with inspirational products for every budget
Sensor Bathroom Taps

Sensor Bathroom Taps

Simple and stylish sensor taps in 4 elegant designs.
Bath tap fixing kit 10927

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Bath tap fixing kit 10927

Ref: 11743
Bath tap fixing kit 10927
Easy access to mixer taps when fitted to an inaccessable location on a bath against a wall.
No more bath refits.
Chrome finish.


Bathroom taps

Bathroom taps selected for our range are offered in a wide choice of designs and price groups whilst always paying particular attention to the quality of the products. All our brassware for bathrooms meets with stringent standards of manufacture to ensure years of harmonious use.

Avalon Taps

The bathroom taps we offer reflect accumulated years of experience within the market. This has allowed us to select the widest and best selection of from leading manufacturers in Britain and Italy. Modern and Traditional, Conventional and Avante-Garde, our range would be at home in the most luxurious bathrooms in the world.

Bathroom taps finishes
There are four main finishes for taps and showers.
Chrome, the hardest wearing finish, usually last over 20 years.
Antique Gold, used more on traditional style suites, is generally a soft finish which will last approximately 3 years with day to day use but in a rarely used but in a second bathroom could last as long as 10 years.
Nickel (either brushed or polished) is the softest finish and would normally be for
decorative house bathrooms that are rarely used.
Powder coated, not as common in taps but still used on showers, is where the product is coated with a layer of coloured plastic.
There are many types of tap configuration for baths, basins and bidets. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. This next section outlines the different types of tap arrangements that are generally available.

Bath Taps

There are several arrangements you can put on a bath. They are as follows: A pair, a bath filler deck mounted, a bath filler pillar mounted, a three-hole bath filler, a deck mounted bath shower mixer, a pillar mounted bath shower mixer, a four-hole bath shower mixer, a five-hole bath shower mixer, wall mounted filler and an overflow filler.
Pair of bath taps
The most common form for baths, one tap for hot water and one for cold. The cold tap is normally on the right and the hot on the left.
Bath filler deck mounted and bath filler pillar mounted.
This type of tap has the hot and cold-water combined onto one mixer. block. The deck-mounted type is normally contemporary in style whereas the pillar-mounted type (this is where the mixer is held above the bath rim on two pillars) is normally traditional in style. The advantage of a mixer over a pair of taps is the ability to mix the water to the desired temperature whilst the bath is filling.
Three hole bath filler
This is where the spout is separate to the bath tap valves. In this case you have a hot and cold valve and the spout is mounted either in the centre between the two valves or mounted in the comer.
Bath shower mixers
This is the same as the bath fillers but has a shower hose and handset attached. These types are not designed to be used as showers for standing under and washing your whole body. The reason for this is that there is the real risk that is another person in the house switches on a tap or a washing machine kicks in then the temperature on the shower will change radically. These types of showers are designed for washing hair or rinsing the bath.
Four and five-hole bath shower mixers;
These are the same as the three hole mixers but the four-hole mixers have a handset that sits on the bath with the hose under the bath rim. The shower is switched on by means of a diverter button mounted on the bath spout.
The five hole mixer works in the same way but has a separate diverter mounted on the bath, not on the bath spout.
Wall mounted bath filler
More popular on the continent, this is where the mixer is mounted on the wall
above the bath and not on the bath rim.
Overflow bath filler
This is similar to the three-hole bath filler but whereas the three hole has a spout the overflow filler has the hot and cold valves on the rim of the bath and the filler is the overflow fitting which also doubles up as the pop up waste.

Basin Taps
As with baths there are several arrangements that can be fitted to a basin. These are a pair of taps, a mono-bloc mixer and a three tap-hole mixer.
A pair of taps
This is where you have a separate hot and cold tap on the basin with the cold tap usually on the right and the hot on the left. This is the most common configuration. This type of basin normally has a plug and chain waste.
Basin mono-bloc mixertaps
This is where the hot and cold are mounted on a single tap bloc in the centre of the basin. This type of tap normally has a pop-up waste supplied as part of the tap.
Three tap-hole mixer
As with the bath arrangement you have a spout in the middle and a separate hot and cold valve on either side. This type of arrangement has a pop up waste. On a three tap-hole basin you can also fit a pair and in the central hole fit a chain stay basin waste - this is where the plug chain is attached to a disc which fits over the middle hole.

Bathroom taps styles
These are an essential feature in your bathroom. Nowadays, there are variety of styles and designs available to allow you to accessorise your bathroom. However, before you choose one, there are some factors you need to consider such as appearance, function and repair. One of the most important factors is the durability of the tap.
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