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Siemens Dishwashers

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Siemens Dishwasher

The built-in 45cm series model features the innovative Siemens duoPower double spray arm and the time saving varioSpeed option. It also features the varioDrawer cutlery tray, giving nothing but outstanding results. Siemens dishwashers are designed to thoroughly clean dishes, but quietly whilst using minimal water and energy. With Siemens, dishes have nowhere to hide.

Ultra efficient

Although our slimline dishwasher may be small, it is still intelligent when it comes to powerful cleaning. Benefitting from 2 spray arms under the top basket as opposed to just one, duoPower ensures that dishes receive the best possible clean, with 2 duoPower arms working doubly hard to reach every inch of the basket.
With our dishwashers being so quiet, how else would you know they were on?

Usable on any surface of any colour, timeLight projects the remaining time of the dishwasher cycle on to the floor. With our dishwashers being this quiet, it's the perfect solution to let consumers know the machine is switched on.

Saving energy, naturally

Using advanced drying technologies Siemens dishwashers keep energy consumption to a minimum. Zeolith, a form of naturally occurring mineral has the astonishing ability to absorb moisture and convert it to heat. What does this mean? The heat produced naturally by the Zeolith is used for the drying cycle. No additional energy is therefore required to heat up the contents of the dishwasher for the drying process (as with a standard drying system). This results in perfect drying, with less energy usage.
Clean and dry in a third of the time

varioSpeed Plus reduces the time it takes to wash and dry a full load down to a third. Ideal when cutlery and plates are needed in a hurry, just press the varioSpeed Plus button in conjunction with the selected programme* and it will run the dishwasher significantly faster without compromising on wash quality. Used together with the Eco 50°C programme, varioSpeed Plus will wash and dry a full load in just over an hour.

*Except quick wash 45°C programme.

varioFlex Plus basket system

Making the most of space within the dishwasher, varioFlex Plus creates extra space for pots and pans. By adjusting slats to suit different loads, the inside of the dishwasher is constantly adaptable. varioFlex Plus ensures the dishwasher conveniently fits in with any lifestyle, no matter how much it may change day after day. Consumers can enjoy fewer washes and more flexibility.
Top drawer

By adding a third shelf for cutlery and small items, varioDrawer Plus removes the need for a cutlery basket and creates more space. Knives, forks and spoons are placed on their side in the drawer, leaving them easier to remove when emptying the dishwasher.

Cool glow of emotionLight Creating a relaxed ambiance in living spaces, the emotionLight uses LED lights to create a cool blue sparkle emanating from inside the dishwasher.

door openAssist
With door openAssist you can open fully integrated dishwashers by simply touching the front of the unit. This lets you open the door without the need for a handle. The new door openAssist feature is the solution choice for sleek designer kitchens with handleless doors. Innovative, modern, and friendly.
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