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Siemens Laundry

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Siemens Laundry

Energy efficient washing machines All Siemens washing machines automatically adapt the wash time and energy consumption to the amount of laundry in the machine.

autoLoad removes the guesswork from laundry, automatically selecting the correct programme for your clothes to produce the best results. All you need to do is add detergent and laundry - the machine will do the rest.

aquaTronic wash system
The perfect wash for delicates. Water enters the drum from three sides to quickly soak the delicate fabrics, eliminating the dry friction within the drum, delivering a more gentle wash action for delicate fabrics, while the flat sided paddles do their work.

Designed for when speed is the only option, flexiTime reduces selected laundry cycles by up to 30%.

Fluff clean
A ten minute fluff removal cycle on washer dryers that removes fluff deposits in the machine, a light indicates when this is needed.

Foam detection system Detects if too much foam has been created in the wash, if so, it will adjust the drum movement and add an extra rinse cycle if necessary.
hydroSafe Guarantees 100% lifelong protection against water damage. If a leak does occur, hydroSafe immediately cuts off the water supply from the tap.

Inverse logic
Inverse logic is the default setting designed to give perfect results for daily-worn clothes that need a light clean, reducing washing times by up to 40%.

Night wash programme Specially designed to wash and dry up to 4kg's overnight.

optiWave drum system
This protects clothes from being damaged in the drum, whilst ensuring perfectly clean laundry time after time.
Textile guard
The textile guard cycle has an extended rinse cycle to ensure complete removal of ground-in dirt, while still protecting outdoor clothing.

Power wash 60 Perfect for washing large amounts of clothes, fast. Power Wash 60 washes 5kg in 60 minutes, with A class results.
rapid15 washes, rinses and spins lightly soiled clothing in just 15 minutes, designed for those with hectic lives this wash cycle will clean clothes when you're in a hurry.
Uses less detergent and a lower spin cycle to thoroughly clean work clothes, the lower spin cycle creates fewer creases, meaning less time is needed to iron.
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