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Bathrooms Kent & London

Alaris specialise in quality bathrooms throughout the South East, Kent and London. Bathroom design requires little effort in selecting sanitary ware as white has reigned supreme in bathrooms. New surfaces have added extensive choice in overall bathroom design, ceramic tiles and vinyl are no longer the only options even concrete is now finished to such a high degree that it is desirable.. Reinforced glass is now virtually unbreakable and can be used for hand basins and baths as well as for splash backs. Colour is important in creating moods in bathrooms in London. Muted natural colours for bathrooms such as cream, beige, soft greens and browns can have very relaxing and calming effects. Yellow can be pale and refreshing in morning daylight but warm and golden in subdued light. Bathroom design with a single wall of colour can add contrast but be cautious about painting all the walls in a small bathroom with a strong colour as this would be overpowering. Blue is a watery colour that can be refreshing first thing in the morning and in a dim light will create a restful and peaceful atmosphere. Different shades of mosaic tiles can be used to create the effect of a wash of colou.. Lighten the shade from floor to ceiling and the effect will be of looking at the sky from under the sea. A couple of lines of colours of tile can create a mock dado effect and give definition to different areas of bathrooms. Fabrics are best kept to the minimum in bathrooms but may be used sparingly to add touches of colours. If you are looking for bathrooms in London come and see our showroom in Dartford, Kent.

Bathroom design can suit organic tactile surfaces such as wood, stone, plaster and glass give a human touch and an earthiness that gives contrast. Marble, limestone, granite and soapstone are good floor and surface materials for bathrooms as they are impervious to water and can be cut into thin tiles and slabs so the weight is kept low. Tongue and groove wooden boards can create an intimate atmosphere in large but are overpowering for smaller bathrooms. Whether building and designing new or improving the old, the bathroom is all about choosing the appropriate fixtures and fittings. Choose the style to fit your taste, needs, space and budget. Bathroom design tends to mirror the fashions of contemporary kitchens, leaning toward modern-looking, built-in fixtures, or harking back to Victorian and Edwardian times.

Bathroom design of course is affected by money, the more you spend, the more styles you'll have to choose from. You'll find a wide range supplied throughout Kent, London and the South East in our website. We offer wonderful sanitary sculptures like glass sinks and contemporary tap designs.

Plan bathrooms so that all the members of your family will enjoy it. Keep the safety of your children in mind when choosing your flooring and lighting. Keep the existing service points in mind when planning as rewiring and re-plumbing takes a lot of time and money.
Plan enough different types of storage. Shelving for products for every day use, cupboards for occasionally used products and towels, and bins for laundry. Plan storage for children's accessories and toys. Decide whether you have the space to install a separate shower enclosure or a shower above the bath. A separate shower will take more space, but two people can use the room at the same time.

Period bathroom design - Until around 15 years ago, people were stripping out period porcelain and nothing new had been produced since the fifties. The return to fashion of this white or off-white style has been the one big success story for sanitaryware producers in the last few years and now most manufacturers make products to fit the period. However the Victorians never had mahogany bath panels nor glazed shower screens. To get the full period effect in any home improvement, attention must be paid to detailing throughout the room.

Modern bathroom design - The modern look features curvy, pastel-coloured porcelain styling. The taps are minimalist and lavatory cisterns are often concealed. Basin vanity units were common but are being replaced by more contemporary washstands featuring combinations of glass, ceramic, wood and chrome.

Bathroom Accessories - Most suites offer a wide range of matching accessories, including shelves, soap holders, toilet roll holders, toothbrush holders, toilet brush holders and towel rails.

For your new Kent or London bathroom you may prefer traditional fittings, sumptuous sculpted baths and basins, or clean-cut, modern designs. Our store can provide everything you need to create a superb bathroom design. Besides the shape of the fixtures, colour is also a keynote in the design. Fixtures are available in a lot of colours although white goes with most of the styles. The choice of materials also gives you the opportunity to be creative in your design. Select a frosted glass basin with a chrome pedestal or a shower enclosure made of glass bricks. Wood is always a successful material to use, it is used in bath panels and toilet seats as well as for storage cabinets. Not only bath, shower or toilet design or colour have influence on the atmosphere of your bathroom, taps, shower fittings and levers do too. They will really set off your design and take your bathroom to another level. There are a lot of designs available, from Victorian taps and overhead showers to state-of-the-art chrome shower mixers or levers.
Lighting - Choosing lighting is an important aspect. You need to be able to see yourself properly, for example when applying make-up. When you're single or living with adults, you might want to choose lights that create an atmosphere, with accent lights where you need it most, like above the basin. This will give you great freedom in creating the ambiance you want. If you have a family, brighter main lighting will be necessary to secure safety by lighting all the areas, so that corners and wet patches on the floor get noticed. If you live with smaller children, make sure they can reach the light at night when they have to go to the toilet. A window is a great asset as natural light is always better during daytime than artificial.

Bathroom wall finishes - Once you've got an idea about what design you like and have chosen your suite, walls are the next thing to think about. Walls have a few conditions to apply to. They have to be resistant to water, damp conditions, dirt and they have to be easy to clean. Tiles are still considered the best material to use. Tiles come in all kinds of sizes, colours and finishes. Wallpaper can also be used. When you buy wallpaper, make sure that it is suitable for the bathroom. Also use wallpaper paste suitable for your wallpaper and the bathroom. It will obviously need to present more resistance to moisture then in any other room in the house. Wooden cladding gives a nice Swedish feel to your bathroom. You can put cladding over the whole wall, or just all around at about waist height. Constructed like this it can also provide a little shelf for your accessories. You can either leave it in its own wood colour or paint it in any colour you want. Paint is an easy way to brighten up your bathroom design and is available in a fast array of colours. Just make sure you buy paint that is suitable.

If you provide us with your bathroom floor plan we can create a design.

Our Kent and London designers allow funds within your budget for decoration and as bathrooms tend to be a small room you might be able to able to use more expensive materials. Ensure that you allow plenty of easily accessible storage and allow enough to keep surfaces clear for easy cleaning. Large tiles can create an illusion of space and are available in a large variety of materials that were once confined to the outdoors eg Slate, limestone and sandstone have waterproof properties and are perfect.
Design for those with impaired physical ability does not need to be clinical or ugly. Wall grips can be disguised as soap dishes and low height baths can look elegant. Thermostatic bath taps can be very useful and can be pre-set at a suitable temperature to prevent scalding. We also offer a range of these for bathrooms.

We make bathroom design easy by offering a vast range of fixtures from the traditional to ultra-modern and in a wide range of materials. Don’t get overwhelmed by the choices but do keep notes on items, which you really like. The restrictions of size and cost will help you choose. Be careful about the scale of each item, corner baths can appear to save space but may take up more room and not provide any additional bathing space.
Bathroom design has many practical matters, which need to be considered in the early stages for example a cast iron bath full of water may be too heavy for your floor. Wet rooms are now popular but again the weight of tiles should be considered and the overall sealing to prevent water damage below must be considered carefully. Complex solutions are not always ideal as it may be difficult to access wiring and plumbing once the walls are tiled and fixtures are in place. It is recommended to always use professional plumbers and electricians to ensure that there are no leaks and that there is no chance of electric shocks.
Water will seep anywhere it can and often it is not seen until serious damage has already occurred. Bathroom design is sometimes made more difficult as they are often the smallest area and yet the most important. This is the room in which you prepare for the outside world and will return to after a busy day at work to relax with a refreshing shower or an indulging bath. It is important to make good use of space. To start measure your bathroom and draw a plan, with the original fixtures included. That will give you an idea of the existing shape and the placement of piping and drainage. In any home improvement on a budget it is important to leave the bathroom fixtures where they are, as replumbing can cost more.

Good bathroom design is essential in smaller bathrooms. It is important to allow enough space to move around. When you're sitting on the toilet, your knees don't touch the side of the bath. If you haven't got enough space to put a separate shower enclosure but still want to enjoy a shower, a bath with an overhead shower is fine. Just buy a good screen or shower curtain to prevent splattering. Not all baths are rectangular. If you've got odd shaped bathrooms or simply not the space for a traditionally shaped bath, select a bath that saves space around the foot-end or baths that are deeper so that you sit more upright, saving space lengthwise. Corner basins are also available for smaller corners.

Bathroom design in larger Kent or London bathrooms has more possibilities. It's a good idea to assess which fixtures you want to incorporate. Do you want just a bath or would you like to have a separate shower area, so that two people can use the room at the same time? Would you like a bidet, a sauna or a relaxing area to groom your self. If you've got a big enough space designated just let your bathroom design creativity flow.

Good bathroom design will increase the storage available. Depending on the size of your family, you need less or more storage. However the principles of storage stay the same. These are the three types of storage
Open shelving for the toiletries you'll need for every day use. They are then easily accessible and won't get lost in a closed cupboard. Open shelving is also a way of displaying visually attractive bottles.
Concealed storage for toiletries which don't need to be on every day display as they will not be used as often. A medicine cupboard that can be locked is important if you have smaller children.
A dry storage cupboard, or airing cupboard to keep your towels fresh and warm is an absolute must.
If your Kent or London bathroom design includes a shower, make sure you're able to store your shower gels and shampoos inside the shower. Think of easy to reach shelving if you have your bath installed so everything is accessible. If you have a family, you have to plan your storage accordingly. Toys and bathing accessories can take more space then you think. Store your cleaning products out of the way of children. You will need a bin to dispose of wet and used towels. Try to find one that can double up as seating to save space.
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