Undefloor Heating mat

Undefloor Heating mat is an uncomplicated underfloor heating concept specifically designed for the professional user: the electrical heating cable is attached to a tough fiberglass mesh, rolled out before tiling, and connected to a programmable thermostat.

Underfloor Heating Mat

Customers can now choose between Warmup underfloor heating loose cable system and this professional dual core heat mat, assured of the quality and reliability delivered by the UK leading manufacturer in electric underfloor heating.
The main difference, when compared to the traditional loose wire underfloor heating , is that it is more suited for larger, regular shaped areas either in a new building or renovation project. 
Whereas one loose wire cable covers a maximum area of 6.9 sqm, ProFormat can cover areas up to 13sqm with a single mat. For larger installations, ProFormat can be quicker as the wires are pre-spaced and the underfloor heating mat just needs to be rolled out. The thinner Warmup loose wire heaters remain the system of choice for smaller or irregular shaped rooms such as bathrooms. 
Both systems are thin (less than 3mm), so that they do not raise floor levels. ProFormat can be installed onto concrete or wooden subfloors and under any natural stone or ceramic floor.

Underfloor Heating Mat - Measuring and planning
Divide the floor into a series of rectangles. From these measurements you can calculate how many mats you’ll need and what sizes.  Exclude permanent or static fixtures from your calculations.

Floor preparationwarmup mat
If the floor is screed over concrete, it is advisable to lay insulation boards to minimise heat loss and ensure quicker warm up times.

Laying the ProFormat underfloor heating matting
Lay the first run, at the end of the run cut the mat leaving the cable intact, turn the mat through 90º or 180º and continue laying.  When the area is covered, adjust the mat until the loops are equal distance apart.  Now attach the mat to the sub floor using the special tape supplied.

Connecting to the power supply
You will need to install an RCD fused spur which powers the thermostatic controller/programmer and the ProFormat element network. Lay the temperature probe from the timer-thermostat onto the floor equidistant between two of the cable loops and attach it to the floor surface.  Now take the unheated power supply cable from the end of the ProFormat which should be positioned near the thermostat.  Once all the connections has been made let it run for 10 test minutes.

Completing the job
Either lay a thin, self-levelling screed over the mat and leave it to go off before laying tiles or trowel flexible tile adhesive directly over the mat and lay the floor tiles.  Once the grouting is complete let the tile adhesive cure before switching on the system.

Technical Specifications

Underfloor Heating Mat -Technical Specification
Element Construction: Twin Conductor Rated
Voltage: 230Vac Watts per m²: 125 W
Mat thickness: 3- 3.5mm
Insulation: ETFE Earth
Braid: 85% surface coverage Heater
Warranty: 10 years
Thermostat Warranty: 12 months

Timer-Thermostat Specification
Floor Temperature Range: 5C to 40C when on
Voltage: 200-250Vac – 50/60 Hz
Load: 230V – 15A
Inductive Load: cosq = 0.3 max.1 A
Memory back-up: 4 hours
IP Class: IP30
Sensor type: wire sensor for floor NTC; 8-12k, ohms @ 20-30C
Regulation: Proportional integral Cycles: 15 seconds/15 minutes

Warmup under floor heating